A fundraiser’s manifesto

— Karl Tischler

Dearest Colleagues,

The past week has been difficult. It has been challenging in all manner of ways and has polarised public opinion about the way our sector does things.

Now is not the time to say whether this is right or wrong.

Now is the time to simply believe that the causes we represent, the stories we tell, the facts and figures we seek to make a case for support – are true, sincere and told with utter integrity.

We can avoid the errors happening overseas; we can change the conversation; we can make a promise that speaks to the values that we know you all have – and that we all share.

We believe in your cause; we believe in you; and we believe in the goodness of humanity.

It is time for a manifesto…. and here is our suggestion.

Team Marlin

PS. Please add a comment below if you have any thoughts; or contact us direct if you’d like to be sent a poster and hard copies for your team.



  1. Paul June 27, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Thank you for the rallying cry Team Marlin, yes it is a tricky time but also one in which integrity should be able to win through (call me naive if you must).

    In regards to the first point in the manifesto, and understanding the power in portraying the need, I would also seek to recognise the power of telling true stories of lives irrevocably changed for the better through our charitable services enabled by our generous supporters. ‘Proof of the pudding’ so to speak.

    • Marlin June 27, 2017 at 6:53 am

      Thanks for your thoughts Paul – they’re much appreciated – and you’re spot on regarding integrity. Please let me know if you’d like posters of this, or hard copies for your guys and I’ll send these out, Karl

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