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Acquiring donors online.

Bring your lead generation campaigns to life with our best practice fundraising and technical skills. We have years of creative and design experience to help you build an emotional connection with your audience and turn them into long term donors.


Where digital fits in the big picture

Your digital campaigns need to fit into your overall fundraising strategy. That’s why we start with understanding what the bigger fundraising picture is and working through an audit of your current digital activities, people, processes and technology to understand where your organisation’s challenges and opportunities lie.

By analysing your current digital ecosystem – your social and paid channels, tracking and analytics, marketing automation tools, fundraising and web platforms, payment systems and CRMs, we can develop a clear path to a digital marketing strategy that suits your organisation.


From strategy to management to execution

Acquiring donors online can be challenging in an oversaturated market. However, if you can build an emotional connection with your supporters and create an online community that makes them feel a sense of belonging to your cause or mission, then you are one step closer to engaging them.

Through creative communications and message testing, our team of fundraising strategists and creative campaigners will help you build emotional connections with your audience and turn them into long term donors.

Auckland Health Foundation Australia Digital Marketing - Marlin Communications
Auckland Health Foundation Australia Digital Marketing - Marlin Communications


Getting the right supporters to your cause

A mixture of paid and organic promotions often works best to maximise your campaign’s reach and engagement.

From social media campaigns including Facebook advertising, Google Ad Grants to email marketing campaigns and automations, our team of strategists, UX/UI designers and web developers will bring your campaigns to life. Our deep creative experience means that the essence of your campaigns are not lost in the technical execution.

Kiss MS Goodbye Marlin Communications Digital Fundraising Campaigns Peer to Peer Fundraising Event
Marlin Communications Digital Fundraising Campaigns


Improving exposure, conversion and revenue long term.

Every web platform we create is designed with the latest onsite SEO principles to keep your campaigns relevant and competitive. With standard tracking installed such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you have greater insight into your campaign and website activities which will assist with optimising them for better conversions and revenue in the long term.

To help you make prompt and informed decisions, we also offer custom performance dashboards that contain live metrics and comparison data. These can also help communicate campaign progress to staff or board members.

Ask us how to leverage advanced tracking tools and reports to help you make informed decisions!

Children's Hospital Foundation Australia Digital Fundraising
Digital Fundraising Google Analytics Google Ads


Supporter journeys are essential to keep attribution rates down.

Retaining supporters can be tricky. That’s why it’s essential to build strong online supporter journeys – they help people stay informed and interested in your organisation.

We can help you develop the supporter journeys using email marketing and automation strategy to keep your audience engaged.

We have experience with an array of email marketing and automation software including Active Monitor, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Autopilot and Microsoft 365. We have the expertise to help set up branded email templates, email journeys and we can integrate them with other data sources such as your CRM so you can measure the effectiveness of these activities.

Digital Marketing Autopilot Marlin Communications


A team of strategists, creative and developers to help you acquire and retain donors online.

As a nonprofit and charity service specialist, we understand the industry and what works to acquire and retain supporters. With a combination of nonprofit fundraising and marketing and digital experience, we have the skills to deliver:

  • Campaign creation and ideation workshopping.
  • Digital marketing strategy and digital audits.
  • SEO, Google Analytics setup and performance dashboards.
  • Campaign management and implementation across all social media channels, including Google Ads, Google Ad Grants and email marketing.
  • Website, campaign website and microsite design and development.
  • Creative production (copywriting, video and photography).
  • CMS and platform solutions.
  • API integrations.
  • Training workshops for Google Ad Grants from Certified Google Ad Words partners.
Digital Fundraising Google Analytics Google Ads
Digital Marketing WordPress Backend Marlin Communications

Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

We are a specialist agency that uses creative communications to help you build emotional connections with your supporters online.

We’ve helped clients all across Australia and New Zealand including RSPCA Australia, Children’s Hospital Foundation Brisbane, Redkite, Life Live Get Active, and many more build emotional connections with their audience and build long term relationships.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your digital marketing activities.

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