Marlin Presents: Face to face fundraising is hard

Monday 12 September 2016

Face to face fundraising is hard. It is in real time, it is raw, and it is often met with rejection. But for the fundraisers involved, every successful sign-up is another reminder of the awesome compassion that their fellow humans are capable of, when married to a cause that matters to them. We enjoy helping charities create materials for face to face campaigns, because the channel is so good at recruiting new donors. Marlin has supported the face to face channel in Australia by providing pro-bono and low-bono creative services to the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). PFRA is an industry organisation dedicated to protecting the future of face to face fundraising. Its purpose is to help charities navigate this highly regulated space.

To get that little bit closer to what it is like to run and be a part of a street fundraising campaign, Marlin decided to invite PFRA to share stories for the third in Marlin’s curated series of talks (which we call “Marlin Presents…”). The talks have blossomed from a desire Marlin formed to help ourselves be inspired, informed, and gain insights from people on the frontlines of not for profit work and charity fundraising. We then realised that these were same kind of experiences that some of our clients might like to share. On Friday 9 September we were grateful to welcome fundraising team members from over twelve Australian charities, including Cancer Council NSW, Oxfam Australia, Amnesty International Australia, Bush Heritage and Heart Foundation. PFRA’s CEO, Paul Tavatgis used his years of experience overseeing successful face to face campaigns to share the insider’s view on what makes face to face thrive. He was accompanied by respected consultant Adrian Brown, and PFRA’s team member Polly Kornie, both ex-Greenpeace team members who also added their own tips for infusing face to face campaigns with the buzz that they thrive on. If you are interested in hearing more about the insights we gained – please hit CONTACT US above to choose your channel from email and phone through to meeting us face to face.