Marlin Presents: Stories from a sponsored child

Friday 10th February 2017

Marlin Communications started working with The Smith Family in 2013, and since 2014 has been the lead creative agency for its multi-channel campaigns that combine the recruitment of new supporters with appeal to existing sand lapsed supporters.

As we prepared for it the launch of our latest Child Sponsorship campaign across TV, outdoor, print, radio and of course digital and direct mail, we were thrilled to welcome May Yousif to come and share with us her own experience of being a sponsored child.

May and her sister Maya arrived as refugees from Iraq when May was three. Her parents had $250 given to them by a friend as their luggage had been stolen in transit. We were treated to a lovely photo-slide show as May revealed her personal history, her achievements, and of course the memories she had of being the beneficiary of The Smith Family’s work.

May graduated in Business & Marketing from Western Sydney University and spent two years working at The Smith Family managing one of our school to work transition programs – Work Inspiration. She went onto the ABS where she works with their Head of Strategy. She has just taken a 6-month sabbatical to finalise the script for her first TV show, which is under consideration by UK Comedian Noel Fielding.

Maya shared with us that she had just written, funded, directed and starred in her first full length feature film “Damaged.”

We were so enthralled and moved by this intimate event that we actually forgot to take any photographs! The images shown here are from the 2017 Child Sponsorship recruitment campaign.