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Our Clients

Marlin has grown to be a trusted partner, and in the last year has helped The Smith Family refine and develop both strategic creative work and fundraising materials we are proud of.

Lisa Allan, National Marketing Manager, The Smith Family

Marlin are always incredibly creative and come up with new ways to demonstrate and present the work of the Red Cross to our supporter base. The new magazine was such a success that it was used by other fundraising teams!

Kerry Nairn, Individual Donor Fundraising Manager, Australian Red Cross

I must say that the team at Marlin have been a pleasure to work with – they have that unusual combination of being totally professional, yet amazingly easy-going and accommodating… I’m more than happy to recommend them as a great agency to work with, particularly one who is switched on to the charitable fundraising world.

Former Manager, Community Fundraising, NBCF

Marlin have been both curious and thorough in helping us find a new way of expressing the joy so many people find through sponsoring a child. We understand that different donors have many reasons for sponsoring a child; working with Marlin we are close to an emotional proposition that resonates with all donors, no matter who they are or what causes them to sponsor a child through Plan.

Ben Holgate, Director of Marketing & Fundraising, Plan International

Just wanted to reconfirm how much we all appreciate the wonderful quality of work that you sent through, and how impressive the copy was – to such a high standard. And also kudos to the design work as well – especially coming from an arts background I think one of the hardest things is for designers to hold themselves back and I felt the design was really very much in support of the fundraising concept / purpose, which for some can be hard, so a really mature response.

Pascale Hastings, Donor Relations Manager, Camp Quality

Thank you so much for being so prompt. You guys are wonderful. Our timeline for submitting our budget was closing in.

Bev Smith, Major Gifts and Alumni Coordinator, Camp Quality

Thank you again for the quick turnaround. I really appreciate it – it really saved us as we had run out and these were to be included in our receipt mailings to all new donors. So you saved the day!

Sophie Maher, Supporter Retention and Development Manager, The Smith Family

In Lent 2015, our incredibly generous supporters raised a record-breaking $11.6 million for Project Compassion!

Caritas Australia

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