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Project Description

Australian Red Cross

The Power of You

Australian Red Cross offers a broad scope of life-saving services across seven priority areas, from one-to-one local support to large-scale international collaborations. Marlin was asked to refresh the charity’s quarterly newsletter, which is mailed to over 120,000 regular giving supporters, both active and lapsed.


To sustain a supporter’s long-term commitment and motivation, or inspire a lapsed supporter to return to the fold. A newsletter is an opportunity to remind supporters that their gifts are critical to making the work of Australian Red Cross possible.


We identified that the brand’s tagline could be reflected onto a supporter to help them feel valued. Our stories could then unfold the diverse range of work that illustrates ‘the power of humanity’.


The Power of You is both the title and the guiding principle of how this supporter newsletter is created. Each issue focuses on a different priority area, and strengthens the audience’s appreciation of the how their monthly donations create real change for people in need.


The rebranded, new-look newsletter caters to an audience that is demographically diverse but united by a common goal: to help people in need. Some may skim-read photo captions and pull-out quotes, others may dive deeper. Whatever way a reader engages with The Power of You, they will come away feeling Australian Red Cross is a charity they are proud to support.



Marlin are always incredibly creative and come up with new ways to demonstrate and present the work of the Red Cross to our supporter base. The new magazine was such a success that it was used by other fundraising teams!

Kerry Nairn, Individual Donor Fundraising Manager, Australian Red Cross