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Project Description

Bush Heritage

Natural Wonders Program

Bush Heritage Australia (BHA) helps conserve over 6 million hectares of native landscapes across Australia. They are one of the largest conservation organisations in the country, helping to protect the biodiversity, health and wellbeing of our native habitats, and the endangered native animals that live in them.


The visionary leader of The Green’s political party founded Bush Heritage Australia to enable ordinary Australians to come together and buy land. Purchased land could thus be protected from mining, forestry and urban development.

The organisations’ strong fundraising focused on two propositions – buying land and protecting cute and unique Australian wildlife.

The charity approached Marlin because the charity’s work (and use of funds) no longer focuses on buying land. They wanted a new product that would keep the new recruits coming (because of the threatened species) but wouldn’t require funds raised to be tied to buying land.


Through workshops we quickly identified that after the charity had purchased land it has the ongoing role of management – to nurture it back to full health and biodiversity. This provides the right justification for the need for ongoing donations.

Satisfied that we could describe what money was raised is for our discussion turned to why anyone would care. Using the values identified by the psychologist Schwartz’, we identified the deeply held desire that the audience of existing and prospective audiences would share – the wish that humans could live harmoniously with plants and animals.


Natural Wonders is the used as a description of both the Australian environment, and our acknowledgement of the supporters’ commitment to a regular gift. The materials show supporters a mixture of wide ranging vistas that case your jaw to drop, and close ups of unusual species. The program mixes expert scientific briefings (from rangers) with enthusiastic and accessible reflections on why conservation matters (from other supporters) to create an entertaining experience.


The combination of majestic, emotive language, beautiful images and powerful, conclusive facts that appealed to both rational and emotional audiences.