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Project Description

Camp Quality


Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. The charity has a variety of programs that support children impacted by cancer and their families – both in and out of hospital, and always with a smile on their face.


Camp Quality is a wonderful, bright and optimistic charity that deals with an extremely serious subject: childhood cancer. We created a newsletter that balanced the harsh realities of childhood cancer with the joyousness of the Camp Quality brand.


Camp Quality turns fear into resilience, and tears into smiles. This is a wonderful thing which we could communicate in The Optimist newsletter. But we could do more than that: we had an opportunity to achieve a similar emotional ‘conversion’ in the audience themselves.


Many members of Camp Quality’s supporter base have been impacted by childhood cancer and they are familiar with the associated struggles; feelings of sadness, fear and helplessness. Our copy didn’t shy away from conveying these feelings – but we told stories that had a happy outcome, thanks to the donor. By ending articles on a ‘high’, we showed clearly how the supporter changed things for children impacted by cancer, thereby turning feelings of sadness and helplessness into a sense of achievement and joy.


Our issues of The Optimist contain respectful, personal writing and a colourful, happy design that encompasses the essence of Camp Quality. Despite dealing with a heavy subject, they are uplifting and inspiring, and they feature real stories from real people. Our cover includes a bespoke masthead, which is coloured in by real Camp Quality children whose name and age are displayed on the front cover. It’s an authentic touch that brings the audience even closer to their beneficiaries, and a subtle nod to Camp Quality’s mission to give children impacted by cancer their childhood back.