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Project Description


Offspring Cinema Ad

A young person whose parent has cancer is more likely to have mental health issues than other people of their age.

Their mates don’t really know how to help. That’s why CanTeen offers them counselling and support to deal with things like taking on care of younger siblings, or even coping with death.


Most Australians know that CanTeen supports young people diagnosed with cancer. But when cancer affects a mum or dad, most children and young people are still left to deal with it alone. Which is why CanTeen needed to put the word out.

A corporate partnership gave CanTeen an opportunity to advertise in cinemas.


Cinemas offer high reach – but you can’t tell which members of the audience have a connection to a young person whose parent has cancer.

We wanted to get everyone to tune into an advert that helped them recognise how normal life is changed by cancer.


We imagined sitting in a cinema. Adverts rolling but no one really watching. Wrappers rustling. People still chattering. Our advert cuts through all of that with the sound of someone taking a sharp intake of breath followed by an almost chaotic flurry of words, presented to the punch of a basic drum and bass track.


Our advert told the story of a whole life, starting with birth. We left the story to be continued – because of cancer. Instead of showing people why children and young people might need support, we created a way for them to figure it out. By including the audience, we created something memorable. But we still told a story.