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Project Description

Caritas Australia

Caritas Neighbours

Caritas Australia is part of a global network that is working to empower vulnerable communities around the world. Because of its long-term, sustainable development approach, Caritas Australia relies heavily on regular donors.


To develop a new Regular Giving product that moves single gift donors to become monthly donors, and strengthens the emotional relationship between Caritas Australia, their supporters and their beneficiaries – many of whom live “a world away”.


Caritas Australia supporters predominantly identify as having some link to Catholicism. We believed that they would all recall the religious teaching that we should love our neighbours, and wanted to position regular giving as a way of doing that. In order to build a genuine, emotional connection between donors and beneficiaries, we had to find a way to erase geographical distance, and show that we are all part of one, global community.


We shifted the perception that a neighbour is someone physically close by using simple, honest language that is familiar to the Australian audience, and content that highlights the similarities between donors and beneficiaries. Each communication in the specifically created supporter journey encourages a sense of empathy through shared life experiences – and clearly illustrates the positive change vulnerable communities are creating thanks to the support of regular givers.


We wanted supporters to spend quality time with beneficiaries. So we encouraged supporters to go for a walk with their global neighbours, meet their families, and even share a cup of tea with them. We included an actual tea bag in the welcome pack for new regular givers – inviting them to “take a break” and spend time with their global neighbours. Our product name and logo based on stained glass subtly reinforces the Catholic underpinnings of our approach.



It makes me feel as if I am being invited to share their lives not just give my money. It invites me to be an equal partner not just a benefactor. It makes me want to participate not just give because morally I should.

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