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Project Description

Caritas Australia

Project Compassion 2016

Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency for international aid and development. Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s largest annual fundraising and awareness-raising appeal. In 2016, the focus for Project Compassion was education.


The issues faced by the world’s poorest people can feel distant to most Australians. Our challenge was to bring supporters closer to people living in developing communities, show the power of education to transform lives and inspire the kind of compassion in supporters that would move them to donate.

While speaking across multiple channels to a diverse audience ranging in age from school children to parish elders, it was vitally important for us to always portray beneficiaries with dignity and respect.


When Caritas Australia and its partners go into a community they identify existing strengths and build on them. We realised that we could use this empathetic, humanist approach to draw out the similarities between beneficiaries and supporters, and highlight the role that education plays in the betterment of all our lives.

We positioned the campaign to reflect the universal truth that the more education and training that’s available to any community, the greater the people’s ability to create the future they want for themselves.


The ‘Learning More, Creating Change’ campaign closed the gap between us here in Australia, and people learning new skills to create a better future in developing communities across the globe.

Through insightful story telling we were able to sincerely connect with our wide audience and inspire genuine compassion. We showed supporters that they could give people a hand up and not a hand out, so they can create they change they want in their lives.

Using Caritas Australia’s brand guidelines (created by Marlin) we developed a distinctive graphic style for Project Compassion 2016. The essence of each of the six featured stories was encapsulated in an icon. These contributed to the holistic look and feel of the campaign and became useful tools to differentiate stories across multiple platforms.


Project Compassion is a large-scale, multi-faceted communication challenge. Defining a singular theme and determining a highly recognisable campaign look and feel (almost a sub-brand) made this campaign distinctive, appealing and successful.