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Project Description

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

Bequest Brochure

Tragically, each week nearly three children die of cancer. Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) has a clear goal: to save the lives of all children living with cancer and eliminate their suffering. How? Through medical research. However, medical research can be expensive, and like many other organisations, a significant source of funds comes from Bequests.


Although CCIA had been the beneficiary of many Bequests, they had mostly been unexpectedly received, with little knowledge of who or how the Bequest came to CCIA. CCIA wanted to inspire people who were considering a Bequest, provide them with the information they needed to make the decision, and give them the opportunity to register so they could receive the acknowledgement they deserved.


Making a Bequest is the most profound expression of a person’s support. It generally takes around 12-18 months to make the decision. During this time, the prospect needs to be treated with utmost sensitivity and respect. They must be reminded of how important the cause is, assured that their decision will have a significant impact in the future, and also be made aware that the process is actually relatively easy.


We created an easy-to-read and understand presentation folder with a Bequest brochure saddle-stitched into it. The brochure provided inspiration and was clearly structured to reflect the nature of the prospect’s Bequest decision. The folder also had a functional purpose – to contain the actual Will made, any other additional legal information and other related CCIA correspondence.


The dual purpose of inspiration and function.