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Project Description

Camp Quality

Christmas Crack Ups

Through their family camps, in-hospital therapy and other services, Camp Quality help children and their families, growing up with cancer, experience the real joy of childhood. As Christmas was approaching, Camp Quality decided to create a fundraising product that would help raise money in support of these essential programs.


For children growing up with cancer, laughter creates resilience, strength and is a distraction from the fear and pain that cancer creates. At home, or in hospital, this laughter is important. At Christmas, it’s even more essential. We wanted to do something to bring the essence of Camp Quality to all Australian children at Christmas. And we found the perfect way.

Years ago our clients had been offered the idea of developing a Christmas cracker – but no one had offered a roadmap for how to actually bring the idea to life. Marlin’s challenge was to take the idea from “quirky idea” to become an innovative and revenue generating product.


Whilst Christmas is a special time of year filled with laughter and fun, an icon of Christmas – the Christmas cracker – never fails to disappoint. They simply aren’t funny. We grew determined to create a cause within the cause – by developing a campaign for funnier Christmas crackers. Crackers that would raise money for girls and boys growing up with cancer.


We developed and designed a new range of beautiful Christmas crackers, including jokes written by some of Australia’s funniest comedians.

We then planned and executed a crowdfunding campaign to find those Australians who would help invest in the first ever production run of the new product.

With help from our PR partners we positioned Andrew Barnett as the face to the campaign… an Australian comedian who wanted to help the tragically unfunny Mr Crack Ups (a walking, talking cracker) to become funnier.


We used humour to draw attention to a sincere idea – to raise money by switching consumer spending towards a socially good cracker. We developed an idea that would work across PR, social, and digital channels – and its creativity captured the interest of media outlets and the public.