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Project Description

Habitat for Humanity Australia

High Tea for Habitat

Habitat for Humanity Australia (HFH) believe that a stable, secure home is the foundation for lasting change for those most affected by poverty. To raise awareness, support and sponsorship for their cause, HFH hold ‘High Tea for Habitat’ events.


This was a two-part challenge: first to inspire existing ‘High Tea for Habitat’ hosts and acquire new participants to register as hosts. Then, provide these hosts with event materials to encourage, recruit and attract people to support and sponsor a High Tea.


On review of previous participants, we found that they were overwhelmingly female. Although they fully supported HFH’s cause, this was not the main motivation to be involved. Word-of-mouth referrals and the personal nature of an elegant ‘High Tea’ event were the most significant factors in generating renewed participation and support.


The design had to be attractive, inviting and appeal to a predominantly female audience. To do this, we created a highly polished suite of event-based materials that used positive images, pastel colours and vintage-style graphic elements. The style was intentionally unthreatening and avoided being ‘pushy’. All these factors contributed to ensuring that the materials would be adopted by existing and new participants, and that they’d be confident and proud to ask their friends and colleagues to support HFH.


The whole package was planned and prepared from the participant’s perspective; how they would use it and how they would get additional sponsor support. It was beautiful and restrained, yet it was also effective with a clear functional purpose. Indeed, it raised significantly more money than in previous years.