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Project Description

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has a clear goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. It’s bold and ambitious, but NBCF-funded research is taking us all a step closer to that better future every day. Pink Ribbon Breakfast was the charity’s flagship mass-participation event, held in October.


By 2013 community events of this nature were struggling, when pitted against virtual-style challenge events. Our challenge was to inspire community fundraisers to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast in the competitive “pink month” of October.


We worked with NBCF to identify two things. The first was that people strongly recalled the pink ribbon as connected to breast cancer – yet not necessarily one charity’s connection to it. The second was that the most valuable fundraising events were hosted by fundraisers who helped their community to pay respect to the cause as well as have fun at their events. The merit of these events was that they fuelled conversation, empathy, and a determination to change the future together.


Whilst (thanks to medical research) many breast cancer stories now turn out positively, for one in six women, the story ends with a tragic death. We gathered six real stories to match the statistic – and captured them on video.

We hired the paper engineer Benja Harvey to help us create six touching and realistic portraits of the women in those stories – out of pink ribbon.

We used those portraits and videos to develop a campaign that showed the community of fundraisers the power of hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast – the power to ensure that every breast cancer story has a happy ending. Recipes, event decoration ideas, and even briefings on breast cancer research were all themed around the pink ribbon.


Stunning key visuals of real women, emotional stories, and an authentic, inclusive style helped motivate NBCF supporters to do something both fun and meaningful.



I have to say when I got my kit this week and saw and read about Anni – especially the image of her 12 year old daughter heading down the hallway to say goodbye to her dead mother I cried and cried. As her husband said, Anni got a death sentence but Laura has a life sentence without her mother. I also at the same time said, thank God… we’re facing this head on.

NBCF supporter, via Facebook