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Project Description

The Smith Family

It stops with us

Child sponsorship is associated with sponsoring children overseas. The Smith Family actually offers Australians the chance to sponsor an Australian child. With one in ten Australian children living in poverty – there is a clear need. The organisation wants a better future for every Australian child.


The Smith Family invited Marlin to create a rival regular giving product to their flagship child sponsorship program. They wanted us to come up with something that would generate untied funds for their Learning for Life programs – and they wanted something that would help them successfully launch face-to-face fundraising for the first time.


Through workshops, we hit upon The Smith Family’s desire to stop the cycle of poverty. Children from poor families suffer today, and are more likely to grow up to be the poor parents of the future. We believed this was something we could use to create a compelling reason to give regularly, by offering supporters the chance to end a social problem that is hurting children.


We developed a product that champions what Australian children deserve. Newly recruited regular givers to The Smith Family are presented with a manifesto after they sign up on the streets. The manifesto shares the principles that the supporter and The Smith Family are championing for disadvantaged children, and carries the product tagline ‘It stops with us.’ Supporters are sent newspapers as donor care – that share examples of how their gifts are changing children’s lives, and fulfil the recruitment promise.


A rousing call to arms backed by a strong, clear vision makes “It Stops with Us” immediately engaging to supporters- vital when recruiting face-to-face. On-going communications build on the supporter’s initial experience to provide a cohesive and truly satisfying donor journey.