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Project Description

The Smith Family

Winter 2016 Appeal

In Australia over 638,000 children are living in jobless families. This disadvantage at home affects every part of their life – including their schooling. Disadvantaged children often can’t keep up at school and end up with lower educational outcomes than their peers.


To make this appeal distinctive and effective we needed to reframe The Smith Family’s work in a fresh way that would inspire supporters to think about the charity’s programs differently and compel them to donate once more.


Marlin worked with The Smith Family to develop the charity’s promise to “end poverty one student at a time“. Here we decided to bring this statement to life and reinforce its meaning by creating a future-focussed appeal that demonstrated the life-changing benefits of The Smith Family programs.

We wanted to show supporters how and why The Smith Family’s programs can stop a poor child from growing into a poor adult.


We centred the appeal on the moving story of 8-year-old Jenny. Her story allowed us to capture the pain of poverty, and focus on the importance of additional educational support to help her create a better future.

Using Jenny’s first-person voice was a strategic choice that made the future feel close and personal for our audience. We showed how thoughts of the future fill the heads of disadvantaged boys and girls each day and how important it is to provide the support that can help them change that future.
By coupling Jenny’s emotional story with The Smith Family’s visionary plan to “end poverty one student at a time” we created a compelling problem/solution scenario that resonated with our audience.

In the DM pack the unfolding of one child’s experience was juxtaposed with details of the charity’s effective learning programs to help supporters to see the specific ways in which their donation could influence the future of a disadvantaged child.


Beautiful, evocative photography and bold headlines expressing Jenny’s innermost thoughts made this campaign both personal and affecting. Yet it didn’t leave supporters merely touched, we outlined how the charity can change the future for a child and presented them with a direct way to help a child onto the path out of poverty.