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Project Description

World Animal Protection


World Animal Protection is working to create a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. The charity’s tagline is “Move the World to Protect Animals” – a rally cry aimed at their supporters, and anyone who loves animals.


World Animal Protection has a huge mission: to end the suffering of animals around the world. Sadly, there is a lot of animal cruelty… and this mission can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Our challenge was to create a new format for an inspiring and informing quarterly newsletter called The Protector that increased donor loyalty and engagement.


While World Animal Protection supporters come from very different backgrounds, they share a common belief: that all animals deserve a life free from suffering. Many supporters perceive the suffering of innocent animals as unbearable and an injustice, and see it as a moral imperative to act to protect them.

With The Protector, we had an opportunity to articulate this shared belief and make the audience feel like they are part of a group of like-minded defenders of animal rights and welfare – wherever it is threatened.


Marlin created a new format for a 12-page quarterly newsletter filled with gripping regular features, appeal follow ups, news updates, and plenty of emotional triggers (cute animal pics… they work!). The lead story features a major success World Animal Protection has achieved with funds raised from a previous appeal, showing donors their combined power to create change for animals – and inspiring them to continue their support.


The Protector includes privileged, behind-the-scenes reports, such as Q&As and first-hand accounts with campaigners and vets from the field. Reading situation reports from faraway, remote places, like Kenya and Borneo, gives donors the feeling that they are walking side by side with World Animal Protection staff ¬– and the animals they’re protecting.

We have developed the newsletter into a template so that it can be updated with new content in an effficient manner saving our clients time and money.