Peer to Peer Fundraising Event
The May 50k


In January 2019, MS Research Australia invited Marlin to help them develop a brand new peer to peer fundraising event within their existing ‘Kiss goodbye to MS’ brand. 

Marlin created the May 50k, a virtual challenge that encourages supporters to walk, run or roll 50km throughout May whilst raising funds for medical research. 

Marlin’s creative work included developing the challenge/fundraising activation idea, event naming, creation of the campaign look and feel, and the key messaging including the slogan “Leave your limits behind.” By combining this with the strategic planning of the supporters’ experience from awareness through to post-event acknowledgement, Marlin were able to help the charity launch an entirely new event within a few months. The delivery of a campaign book empowered the in-house team to extend the work across multiple channels without compromising the effectiveness of integration

In its first year, The May 50K raised over $2.2M, far exceeding the $450K fundraising target. Now in its second year, it raised $6.6M. An incredible result that will certainly help leave MS behind for good.


Develop a brand new P2P fundraising event within their existing ‘Kiss goodbye to MS’ brand.


Creation of their new virtual challenge, The May 50k including the challenge/fundraising activation idea, event naming, campaign look & feel, the slogan “Leave your limits behind” and the strategic planning of the supporters’ experience from awareness through to post-event acknowledgement across multi-channels.


$2.2m raised in the first year, and $6.6m this year!

“Charities may not truly understand the value that you (Marlin) offer until they try it. Your work is like experiencing first-hand a beautiful, architect designed home. Everything is just so, and works as it should do.”

Susan Williams, Head of Relationships, Fundraising & DevelopmentMS Research Australia

The Challenge

Since 2016, the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign had been running as a DIY fundraiser, encouraging supporters to come up with their own ideas to raise funds for MS research.

The campaign needed a specific, sustainable and scalable fundraising activation that mobilised supporters and encouraged mass participation via peer to peer community fundraising. Marlin was selected as the right agency to help the organisation develop an idea, and get the stakeholder buy-in needed to invest in developing and promoting it. 

The Solution

In 2019, the May 50k was born. A virtual fundraising challenge that asked supporters to cover 50kms in the month of May – be it walking, running or rolling. Participants were encouraged to ask their community to sponsor their kms to raise funds for MS research. 

The event needed inspiring and engaging communications behind it that created a powerful connection between the ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’ brand and the task of running 50k. 

Marlin created ‘Leave your limits behind’. A concept all about the challenge ahead; for participants in the fundraising challenge, as well as in the lives of people with MS. This idea brings together a core promise to people with MS (to leave the limits that MS creates, behind), as well as inspiring the participants to quite literally, go the extra mile (or KM as the case may be).

When we leave our limits behind, we are able to contribute to the great research challenge of your community; finding a cure.

The Results

From 2012 to 2019, the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign had raised just under $5 million. 

When the ‘Leave your limits behind’ concept was used to promote the new ‘May 50k’ virtual event in 2020, the campaign has now raised an impressive $6.6 million in only a matter of months. 

This fantastic result has almost doubled the organisation’s long-term objective of reaching $2.7m per year by 2024. 

We’re proud to have been the right partner for the passionate and impact-driven team at MS Research.

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