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We wanted to share some helpful resources that you can use straight away to improve and optimise your fundraising efforts and start raising more funds today.

Access our most recent resources below and visit us again soon–we’re always adding to our library to keep you up to date on the latest fundraising tips and trends.

Marlin NextAfter Resources

We’ve teamed up with our exclusive Agency Partners and digital fundraising experts, NextAfter to bring you this series of helpful guides packed with proven strategies from over 4,000 digital fundraising experiments.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Fundraising

Download our Ultimate Guide to Digital Fundraising to learn how to optimise and grow your online fundraising. Informed by thousands of online fundraising experiments, NextAfter has cracked the code on what actually works to acquire more donors and raise more money online.

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4 Proven Steps to Acquire New Donors Online

Download to learn a proven 4-step model to acquire more donors online. This ebook will equip you with the strategies to turn online channels into one of your most reliable and sustainable sources of new donors.

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The Ultimate A/B Testing Guide for Online Fundraising

Download this step-by-step workbook to learn how to set up, run, and document a/b tests. We will walk you through a/b testing methodology and help you start using data-driven insights and research-based strategies to create content and optimise your online fundraising.

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Donor Care Communications

After years of working with some amazing charities and not-for-profits, we created this handy eBook which provides insights into best practice donor care that will teach you how to create and sustain stronger relationships with your most valued supporters.

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