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We can help you bring a brilliant campaign to life, online.
We combine years of creative and design experience with best practice fundraising and technical skills to help you build an emotional connection with your supporters and get them to take specific actions on your digital campaigns.


Determine how digital fits into your fundraising strategy

We start with a thorough understanding of what your fundraising strategy and how digital is currently being used to achieve your fundraising goals.

We complete an audit of your current digital activities – from people to processes to technology to understand where your organisation’s digital challenges and opportunities lie. 

We also analyse your social and paid channels, tracking and analytics, marketing automation tools, fundraising and web platforms, payment systems and CRMs, we can help you develop a clear path to a digital ecosystem that fits into your fundraising strategy to meet the needs of your organisation and your supporters.


Fundraising best practices from strategy to management to execution

Marlin is a team of Australian-based fundraising strategists, designers, developers and creatives. We work together to plan and manage digital fundraising campaigns from strategy to execution.  We can help you with your Facebook advertising, Google Ad Grants, email marketing campaigns and automation. Our UX/UI designers and web developers are there to bring your campaign to life and ensure your campaign is not lost in the technical execution.

Kiss MS Goodbye Marlin Communications Digital Fundraising Campaigns Peer to Peer Fundraising Event
Marlin Communications Digital Fundraising Campaigns Peer to Peer Fundraising Event


Using creative communications to achieve more with less

If your supporters can’t feel your message, how can they respond to it? In an oversaturated market, we rely on our creative communications to get your donors to respond, rather than solely relying on your media budgets. We have a team of award-winning creatives, art directors and writers who will introduce you to unexpected and innovative ways to reach your audience. 

We can provide campaign concepts or simply a content strategy plan for your campaign – so the essence of your brand and your ask can be clearly communicated to your supporters.

Kiss MS Goodbye Digital Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising Event
Marlin Communications Digital Fundraising Campaigns


Give your supporters what they want to hear every time

Supporters are most satisfied when they are helping to avert a crisis or making a rescue. By identifying which examples of your work relate to those experiences, you can start identifying the different propositions worthy of testing online.

As digital experts, we love to track all our clients’ digital activities, test propositions and learn from the results. To stay competitive and survive in an oversaturated online market, we believe online messaging testing is essential to discover your optimal combination of proposition, story and ask.

Tracking and testing extend to our website build too. Our builds have standard tracking and analytics installed to provide our clients with greater insight into their audience and page activity and to assist them with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). We want our clients to provide the best user experience as possible, using data and insights to make the right choices for their campaigns.

Ask us how to leverage advanced tracking tools and reports to help you make informed decisions!

Children's Hospital Foundation Australia Digital Fundraising
Digital Fundraising Google Analytics Google Ads


Supporter journeys are essential to keep attrition rates down

We all want to keep attrition rates down. Building online supporter journeys is possible with a strong email marketing and automation strategy that keeps your supporters engaged and connected to your organisation. 

Through the right communication sent at the right times, your supporters are informed and invested in the great work your organisation is doing and provides them with a sense of connection to your cause, wherever they may be.

Our digital team has experience with an array of email marketing and automation software including Active Monitor, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Autopilot and Microsoft 365. We have the experience to help set up branded email templates, email communications and journeys and we can integrate them with other data sources such as your CRM.


Boosting digital acquisition numbers through ad platforms

Driving traffic and awareness to your digital campaigns and appeals can be challenging and often time-consuming if you only rely on organic or face to face methods. By utilising Google’s Ad platforms such as Google Ads and Ad Grants, you can boost traffic & awareness (and subsequently, donations) to your digital campaigns and appeals in a shorter amount of time. 

As a certified Google Ads partner, we offer Google Ads and Ads grants management and execution services to support digital fundraising campaigns to make the most of your spend. 

We believe an integrated communications and marketing strategy is key to retaining your donors’ long term. As such, our digital acquisition services are often offered along with our email marketing and automation services to help you reactivate and retain your supporters’ long term.

Digital Fundraising Google Analytics Google Ads


Creating an experience that brings everything together.

Your supporters are expecting a seamless and secure interaction when they donate or fundraise for your organisation.

Therefore, creating a pleasant user experience for your supporters will bring your digital fundraising plan to life. 

Our Australian team of strategists, UX/UI designers and web developers can build many digital environments – from landing pages to microsites to fundraising websites, to enable your digital fundraising campaigns to run successfully.

Whether you have a fundraising platform of your choice such as Raisely or Fundraisin, we can help you set up your fundraising page, integrate systems such as your CRM with your chosen platforms, or build a custom web platform using WordPress or Laravel to meet your fundraising needs.


A team of strategists, creatives and developers to help you acquire and retain donors online

As a nonprofit and charity service specialist, we understand the industry and how our team can help you start or grow your digital fundraising program. Our services include:

  • Campaign creation and ideation workshopping
  • Digital fundraising strategy and digital audits
  • Lead and 2-step acquisition campaigns
  • Direct donation acquisition campaigns
  • Search and social strategy and campaign management, including Facebook, Google Ads and Google Ad Grants
  • Brand and communication development
  • Creative content production (copywriting, video and photography)
  • Design and development of campaign, donation platforms and P2P event and fundraising platforms
  • Data analytics and dashboards
  • Performance services (SEM, email marketing, analytics and tracking, A/B and multivariate testing)
  • Training workshops for Google Ad Grants from Certified Google AdWords partners.
Epilepsy Foundation Australia Digital Fundraising
Epilepsy Foundation Australia Digital Fundraising

Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

We help you build real relationships and communities with your supporters, online. 

Over the years, we’ve helped develop creative digital campaigns, executed complex online solutions and integrated online platforms from scratch. We’ve helped clients all across Australia and New Zealand including Starlight Children’s Foundation, RSPCA Australia, Children’s Hospital Foundation Brisbane, Auckland Health Foundation, Mary’s House, and many more build real relationships and communities online.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your digital fundraising program.

Let’s work together!

Karl Tischler, Founder and Managing Director at Marlin Communications

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With over 15 years of experience as a strategist, I make it my mission to understand ambitions, get to the heart of a problem and work collaboratively to develop a solution. I would love to hear from you!

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