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Regular giving programs are the major driver of growth in charity income.

One of the critical factors to starting and maintaining relationships is setting and meeting expectations for what the supporter experience will be like. Yet it is often overlooked, leading to supporter dissatisfaction and contributing to higher attrition rates. Make sure you adopt the right approaches.

Control the donor experience

Are you looking to optimise your regular giving program in order to build a reliable, sustainable source of income for your charity?

According to Professor Adrian Sargeant, “Donors often complain of a disconnect between messages used in acquisition communications and those of subsequent (retention) vehicles, and many never give again as a result.” 

As fundraisers, we are in control of a great deal of the experience, because it is created almost entirely with communications. Even better, we can design the experience and then use that to inform the pitch used to get someone on board.

Natural Wonders Regular Giving campaign Australia
Natural Wonders Regular Giving campaign Australia

How we can help

Do you want to create or refresh your regular giving program so that you can recruit and retain higher volumes of donors within the next year?

Here are the ways that Marlin can help you:

  • Develop a distinctive supporter experience that enables you to manage and meet supporter expectations across both acquisition and retention.
  • Implement digital tools for managing, monitoring, and measuring regular giving programs.
  • Create clear message positioning for a relationship with individual supporters that spans from acquisition and conversion, through welcome cycles and into proactive and reactive donor care cycles.
  • Write, design and despatch online and offline communications that pitch the reason to become and reinforce the reason to remain a regular giver.
  • Develop and implement acquisition testing in discreet online environments, to create clarity and confidence for rollout. 
  • Design and manage ‘always on’ or campaign pushes for acquiring new regular givers online or across multiple integrated channels.
  • Manage and optimise trigger-based supporter communications.
WWF Australia Regular Giving Marlin
WWF Australia - Regular Giving Marlin Communications

Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

Over the last seven years Marlin is proud to have been chosen as the agency of choice for over 25 charities from Australia, New Zealand and Europe including World Vision, The Smith Family, and Fred Hollows. 

Our regular giving work is featured on SOFII, and has been the subject of FIA Conference, and F&P Forum Presentations. It spans the design of supporter experiences, development of materials for launching new face to face programs, and the implementation of multi-channel recruitment campaigns using TV, outdoor, press, TM and digital channels.

The success of our deeply collaborative projects is underpinned by a simple way of modelling supporter experiences based around the most important sticky factor for any lasting relationship; “love.”

The Smith Family Australia Regular Giving Campaign - Marlin Communications
The Smith Family Australia Acquisition - Marlin Communications
Karl Tischler, Founder and Managing Director at Marlin Communications

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