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A sense of purpose and pride

We believe that effective Donor Care programs celebrate the impact that your supporters have. Our team develops donor care communications that fill your supporters with a sense of purpose, pride and seeks to bind them closer to your cause and the work you do.


Communications that engage and build loyalty and trust

When donors regularly give to a charity they deserve to be acknowledged, inspired and informed.

Thoughtful donor care communications are a chance to engage supporters, build their trust, foster loyalty and create genuine causal advocates. Whether it’s a heartfelt thank you letter or a newsletter with inspiring and relatable stories, donor care communications should fill supporters with a sense of purpose and pride.


Attrition rates are not inevitable with the right donor care strategies

Investing in donor care is essential for all charities to retain loyal donors. Your donors want to be reassured that what they have invested in—both emotionally and financially—is worthwhile. They want to know that their support was needed, that what they did mattered, and they want to belong to a wider community and get the ‘inside story’.

As fundraisers and marketers, our team employs several donor care strategies to understand what your donors want and matches that to your internal capacities so you can deliver the necessary care needed to retain your donors.

Camp Quality Australia Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns
Australia Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns


Carefully curated communications to show impact through their support

Each piece of communication plays a vital role in engaging your supporters further, building long term trust and loyalty to your organisation. We believe the key to retaining supporters is to show their impact through the donations and support they have given through carefully curated communications.

Red Cross Australia Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns
Red Cross Australia Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns


Building your donor care program with us

As a specialist creative agency and with over a decade of experience, you can trust that our team of creatives, art directors and writers can produce unexpected and innovative creative that shows impact and nurtures your supporters to continue their support.

We will understand your cause, what makes your work unique and of value to your audience. We will work together to develop a Donor Care program that works for your cause and your supporters.

We can help you with:

  • Donor Care planning workshops and subsequent strategy development.
  • Copywriting and applying relevant ‘tone-of-voice.’
  • Newsletter/ magazine template design and roll out.
  • Design, layout and artwork (for offline and online).
Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns
Marlin Communications Donor Care Campaigns


You can benefit from our experience.

Since we began, Donor Care has been one of our core services. 

For many years we have helped some of the biggest charities in Australia build and develop their Donor Care programs. By understanding donors’ needs and providing strategic insight and distinctive creative, we’ve helped clients including Médecins Sans Frontières Australia, Camp Quality, Opportunity International and Australian Red Cross develop effective Donor Care strategies and communications.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help develop and optimise your Donor Care program.

Let’s work together!

Karl Tischler, Founder and Managing Director at Marlin Communications

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