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The branches of our agency are all rooted in the same purpose: to do work that changes the world for the better. We’re at a moment in time where bold solutions and big ideas are needed. We use our talents every day to provide them. 

Marlin has grown from a specialist design studio to a full service agency. We are  now Australia’s largest creative agency dedicated to helping charities and social enterprises increase their impact.

Right now we’re looking for:

We’re always interested in hearing from talented people who like the sound of changing the world for the better with Marlin. You can send us a note to [email protected] with your CV or portfolio and we’ll get in touch if something opens up. 

What’s it like to work at Marlin?

We’re a diverse, growing team with a background in commercial agencies and charities. We’re mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, thinkers and creators. 

We try our best to live out the Marlin company values everyday:

  • Compassion and empathy
  • Truth
  • Happiness
  • Continuous improvement
  • Determination
  • Purpose
  • Respect
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