Recruiting donors in the post-pandemic period

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The challenges caused by COVID-19 continue to emerge day-by-day

Whilst the face to face channel is forced to take a break, now is a great time to build your capacity to recruit regular givers in greater numbers than before.
Marlin has been developing effective donor acquisition materials for nearly 20 years. Our clients trust us to deliver loyal donors and long term growth.

What you say, matters.

Now is the time to strengthen your proposition and your promise

Oftentimes, charities are so focused on ensuring that their regular giving programs are untied, they overlook the importance of a strong proposition, and accompanying supporter experience. 

Now is an important time to ensure your recruitment materials for face to face are as clear and relevant as possible so that you are ready to strengthen your ask and become the fundraisers’ favourite after the coronavirus pandemic.

Royal Flying Doctors Services Australia Acquisition - Marlin Communications
Royal Flying Doctors Services Australia Acquisition - Marlin Communications

Test and optimise

Consider testing messaging through digital channels

This is the time to plan ahead and develop the materials required for online message testing in order to discover your optimal combination of proposition, story and ask. 

Supporters are most satisfied when they are averting a crisis or making a rescue. By identifying which examples of your work relate to those experiences, you can start to identify the different propositions worthy of testing online.

Save the Bilbies Australia Acquisition - Marlin Communications

How we can help

Are you looking to prepare today for acquisition post-COVID 19?

We can help you:

  • Identify concrete messaging that will work for acquisition.
  • Refresh face-to-face materials.
  • Develop a matrix of acquisition messages and manage online testing including optimisation and full reporting.
  • Develop assets.
  • Lead acquisition
  • 2-step acquisition
  • Direct donation acquisition
  • Search and social strategy and campaign management
WWF Australia Pitch Card Acquisition - Marlin Communications
The Smith Family Australia, Pitch Card Acquisition

Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

Marlin has developed face to face materials for charities across a wide range of causes including WWF, Red Cross, and Heart Foundation. We worked closely with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association during its inception, and our Directors (Karl Tischler and Dan Geaves) have worked alongside face to face agencies for over 17 years. 

Furthermore, our lead digital strategist, Tim Brack, is a prominent figure in the not for profit space and a much-sought-after instructor at General Assembly.

Karl Tischler, Founder and Managing Director at Marlin Communications

Say hello to Karl

With over 15 years of experience as a strategist, I make it my mission to understand ambitions, get to the heart of a problem and work collaboratively to develop a solution. I would love to hear from you!

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