Technical Project Manager (Web)

Use your skills for good 

Charities are a wonderful vehicle for creating change because they empower ordinary people to become advocates and supporters of causes. We created Marlin to help charities get people to join them, and then hold on to those people.

We want individuals, teams and organisations doing good in the world to succeed. One of our ways of helping is to create effective fundraising and marketing websites and digital platforms for them.

Marlin’s unique strength and philosophy is our approach to creativity and communications – to think beyond a single campaign or a single year and more in terms of supporter communities. As the result of our merger with digital agency Leafcutter at the end of 2019, we now have the capability to further strengthen this approach by providing end-to-end services for organisations across strategy, creative and digital. 

Marlin aspires to be an organisation that raises $100m+ in funds annually for our client partners in the next 5 years. To achieve this target Marlin has created a communications and fundraising framework that aims to provide a full service across all aspects of the supporter experience within an organisation. 

Our clients trust us because of our experience, and their endorsement has helped create a sustainable level of new business through word-of-mouth.

The Technical Project Manager role has been created as part of the development and growth of the Digital Development unit within the business. 

The objective of this unit is to provide our client partners with the ability to create engaging digital platforms that engage ordinary people to do something extraordinary; via encouraging them to find information and support causes that they believe in, and remain involved. The Digital Development team provides an essential revenue stream for the business and collaborates and is supported by the wider Marlin team. 

Your Job Function/Role

Your role is to help Marlin to develop and drive the growth of the Digital Development team by leading and supporting the delivery of projects and the development of internal processes and frameworks. 

You will be: 

  • A strategic advisor: providing and building subject matter expertise, developing and executing solutions for our charity partners, and communicating best practices to the sector;

Your role is to help Marlin:

  • Become the leader for digital development products and services to the for purpose and not for profit sectors;
  • Contribute to the development of the Digital Development team into a business unit which contributes to 20% of Marlin’s revenue and the funds raised by its clients;
  • Be inventive about creating processes and frameworks which will improve workflows and build knowledge of digital development activities across the organisation;
  • Create further collaboration between all business units within Marlin;
  • Adopt a relationship-driven approach to your work internally and externally. When working externally assist in the uncovering of opportunities for new business development;
  • Be efficient at setting up project planning and documentation that enable the rest of the agency team to manage and complete communication projects. 

Individual Responsibilities

You will report directly to the Head of Digital and will work closely with other digital producers/project managers and other team members. 

Production and delivery

  • Briefing production resources on projects we are working on and what is expected to be produced by the production resources, in what timeframe, to what budget
  • Quality assurance of project deliverables – making sure that any project leaving our doors is of the highest quality standards
  • Ensuring on-target delivery of our project stages. Make sure resources have clear plans and instructions to work to and that they meet their obligations throughout the various project stages.
  • Risk mitigation is essential. You are expected to take a problem-solving approach and bring in the Head of Digital where issues are foreseen.
  • Production and project management – resource management. Scheduling of resources, following processes, management of multiple resources across multiple projects, ensuring timelines are met, getting the team around you to deliver industry-leading standards of work.
  • Client Relationships – building rapport with our clients, delivering valuable suggestions through a consultative, relationship and solutions-driven approach. 
  • Identifying opportunities and up-selling services that provide additional value to clients – suggesting relevant services that could add value to our clients. Always coordinate upsells with business directors or the sales and marketing team.

New business

  • Work with the Strategy and Account Services teams to identify when/how digital development services and products can be incorporated into Marlin’s product mix and services that are provided to existing and prospective clients.
  • Adopt relevant techniques to share examples of what could work, including examples from Marlin’s (and your own) extensive experience.
  • Develop documentation and templates to support the sale of website, microsite, campaign landing page, web application and integration solutions.
  • Alongside the Strategy and Account Services teams, use a consultative sales approach that earns trust by seeking to identify what prospective clients’ needs are, or what objectives they are at risk of failing to reach without support.
  • Attend internal and external meetings to support the sales process.

Processes and frameworks

  • Support the Head of Digital in the development of team processes and integration of digital knowledge and expertise with other departments.
  • Proactively contribute to the building of frameworks, processes, and documentation to help the Digital Development team be as effective and efficient as possible. 
  • Spread knowledge about digital best practices throughout the organisation.
  • Assist in onboarding new colleagues and contractors into the Digital Development team. 

Brand management and positioning

  • Support the strategy and execution of Marlin’s acquisition of digital development projects. 
  • Ensure all Marlin materials follow brand guidelines (or identify when new ideas require brand guidelines to be updated).

Financial practices

  • Assist with the provision of appropriate estimates and timelines to prospective or new clients ensuring the scope of their project or needs are aligned with the project brief. Identify shortfalls in client project expectations and recommend additional scope if required.
  • Adjust client’s expectations if timing requirements are inconsistent with studio/resource capacity.
  • Maintain client’s expectations when things change in terms of timing and project scope (fees).
  • Work with the account services team and/or Head of Digital to ensure work is scheduled into the studio and/or development teams in a timely and anticipatory manner.
  • Ensure appropriate resources are scheduled to correspond to the scope of the project.
  • Complete your tasks in the allocated time and ensure resources that are scheduled to complete tasks on projects assigned to you are done in the allocated times.
  • Assist the Digital Development team lead by contributing to a quarterly review of the profitability of various project types, in order to help identify project processes that need improvement, changes to the agency’s project estimates, or biases for marketing/sales activities.

Human Resources

  • Participate in the measurement of staff satisfaction on an annual basis, and Marlin staff social events.
  • Proactively identify areas for relevant training and development and apply them to your manager.
  • Complete timesheets on a weekly basis.
  • Set up regular catch-up meetings with your manager and attend.
  • Save all work to Google Drive so that it can be backed up daily, following file naming protocol and following established folder structure.
  • Be on time for meetings.
  • Follow work policies regarding leave, and safety at work.
  • Working with the Head of Digital to maintain team morale amongst project management team members – encouraging their efforts, painting a positive picture of the businesses’ efforts and achievements and encouraging them to continue doing a great job on the project they manage as we work towards our growth ambitions. 

Measurement Metrics

We will use the following metrics to gauge the performance of your role:

  • All technical project managers and digital producers, including yourself, invoice a minimum of $120K ex GST per quarter. 
    • Marlin expects that this revenue target will be consistently achieved once the probation period is completed. 
  • These numbers are based on the business achieving corresponding sales targets.
  • A minimum of 38.75 hours per week are recorded in Streamtime for yourself and each team member in the project management team.
    • The minimum hours may be different depending on your Employment Agreement. 
  • Average of 70% billable hours achieved.
  • Ensuring an average customer satisfaction rating of 90% or higher across the project portfolio as defined by a positive feedback result from the client satisfaction survey and reviews and assessments by the executive management team. 
    • The tool to measure this feedback is pending revision. 

What your day will look like

  • Deliver projects on time and on budget, and have a continued ability to impress clients with quality
  • Build and nurture genuine, real, and lasting client relationships
  • Present work and facilitate meetings and workshops with confidence
  • Identify and seek growth opportunities with clients that align with their business goals and digital strategy
  • Work with non-digital client stakeholders and effectively communicate a digital process/project
  • Deliver, understand, and communicate across a full project lifecycle, including research, ideation, UX/UI, copy, design, development, testing and post-launch activity
  • Work with the other departments to cross-sell digital work
  • Scope projects and prepare project plans, timelines and budgets
  • Proactively act as a key source of client feedback and insight for the broader Digital team
  • Ability to run daily stand-ups with the digital team to review the project status and identify any potential issues that need to be resolved.

About Marlin

Marlin is constantly working towards making our agency the best place to work, for everyone. We believe that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key to creating real and impactful change for social good that the world desperately needs. We encourage everyone who wants to make a difference, to join us on this journey. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.

Our team

Marlin is a team of over 40 people brought together by a common set of beliefs and values. Our team of strategists, creatives, project managers, developers and digital experts have all made a conscious decision to specialise in the not-for-profit space.

Our combined experience spans mainstream agencies and in-house at charities. This means we know what it takes to create a global brand, build a high-performing website and manage a fundraising campaign from the inside.

We create brand identities, multi-channel marketing campaigns, direct marketing-based appeals, social media campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising events, donor care newsletters, and digital communications platforms for the for-purpose sector. 

Our culture

We’re a values-driven organisation creating values-led work. Our culture is underpinned by our values and we live them out through our everyday actions and behaviours.

Continuous Improvement Every day is a new opportunity to learn, grow, extend, expand, reveal. When we nurture our ‘constant improvement’ we find solutions, overcome obstacles, and expand into new territories.
Compassion/Empathy Every piece of work we create is inspired by our compassion for people and planet. Every connection we make is enriched by empathy. This inspires the way in which we communicate as Marliners – with our team, with our clients, with the sector. No matter our differences, compassion and empathy are the bridges that bring us together.
Happiness Happiness is an energy. When we nurture our best selves, our most joyful selves, our ideas will flow, our communication will improve, and the relationships that matter to us, will thrive.
Truth Charities rely on integrity, it is essential that as a communications specialist in our field, that integrity and honesty pervade all of our ideas, our communications and the way we work.
Determination There isn’t much water in a desert, but if you keep looking you will find it. (and if you don’t, keep looking, you will find it.)
Purpose When we recognise the bigger purpose of our work – to make the world a better, fairer, more equal place for people, then we can bring that depth of regard and purpose to every aspect of our work.
Respect Treat everyone with the same level of care and respect. We want to be a place that displays its values proudly in every interaction, that is how we affect broader change in our sector and in our society. It all starts with respect.

Our commitment to sustainability 

We’re proud to be a B-Corp which means we have been independently assessed as a business force for good. It is a simple illustration of our values in action.

To achieve this we are required to prove and maintain policies and practises that take care of our team and commit to fair and environmentally-friendly decision making.

We’re also 100% certified carbon neutral reflecting our deep wish to think and plan for the very long term.

Benefits…apart from changing the world of course!

  • Additional annual leave day to celebrate your birthday
  • Social events scheduled throughout the year
  • Annual team development day
  • Access to internal and external Learning and Development opportunities
  • Access to free counselling assistance through EAP
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Creative office space in the heart of Redfern

How to apply

To apply you must have permission to reside and work in Australia.

Please send through your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Any questions can also be directed to the email address above.

No agency interest please.