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New year’s resolution

A bolder new year

One of my resolutions is to help more charities to be more distinctive by being bolder in their communications.

Research reveals that:

  1. To maximize the performance of fundraising nonprofits need to be clear how their brand is distinctive from others. 
  2. Yet when supporters are asked for their views on charity communications they rarely differentiate between different charities.

It bothers me that supermarkets and banks can give a different experience and yet charities do not.  If your new year’s wish is to lead your charity to accelerate growth by making a bolder promise for what you will achieve then chat to me.

Suitable for CEOs, Directors of Comms, Marketing and of course Fundraising.

From overwhelmed to untied clarity

Every charity benefits from a supportive community of donors. Yet not every charity finds  a way to develop that commitment. 

One of the common pitfalls is to see the need for a diverse portfolio of income streams and believing that everything is an opportunity for growth.

If you are finding yourself in a new seat or in a new organisation, you need to be sure that what you prioritise is right for your charity, your team capacity, and your current donor group.

If you want help to create focus and to develop a pathway based on building momentum through productivity, performance and evidence, then choose to have a chat. 

Suitable for Directors of Fundraising.

Dan Geaves Strategy Director Marlin Communications

Dan Geaves FFIA – a creative strategist with over 19 years experience solving tricky communication problems such as brand value propositions and positioning regular giving, and developing inspiring, actionable fundraising plans.