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Grow your revenue with digital-first fundraising

The first step for most client engagements begins with the Comprehensive Optimisation Roadmap Engagement (CORE) – brought to you in partnership with NextAfter.

While most agencies try to figure out how to add digital into the mix, we put digital in a position to lead. A digital-first strategy provides efficiencies when it comes to acquiring new donors. It enables you to rapidly market-test different offers and messages to gather near-instant feedback. This allows you to refine and optimise fundraising messages, offers, and targeting strategies before having to make larger capital investments into donor acquisition.

The CORE process involves four steps:

1. Understanding your donors using data

Data scientists will stitch together your data from multiple sources (web analytics, email, CRM, social) to give you a clear path toward growth.

We’ll identify opportunities to optimise multiple touchpoints by dissecting creative elements of your digital fundraising program.

2. Charting a path to revenue growth

Based on our forensic analysis, we’ll give you a 3-year, thorough, and actionable digital fundraising roadmap.

Testing is essential to ongoing learning and growth. We’ll develop an a/b testing plan to help you increase your results and better understand your donors.

3. Implementing digital-first strategies

Content marketing drives donor acquisition. We’ll help you implement efficient donor acquisition campaigns that leverage your content across a portfolio of digital advertising channels.

Traffic, conversion rate, and average donation size are the three key metrics that influence online revenue. We’ll implement strategies to systematically impact each metric to maximize your revenue.

The journey doesn’t end with a single donation. We’ll develop cultivation strategies to improve retention, upgrades, and lifetime value.

4. Perpetually learn & optimise results

All of our strategies are based on lessons learned from thousands of fundraising experiments. We’ll continuously test new ideas to prove what works to grow your revenue.



Bringing best-in-class digital fundraising optimisation services and knowledge to organisations in Australia and New Zealand

Marlin has joined forces with international digital fundraising optimisation specialists, NextAfter, as their exclusive agency partner in Australia and New Zealand.

NextAfter’s mission is to help organisations grow their digital fundraising through a combination of data analysis, donor experience mapping, optimisation, and digital strategies. They’ve run (literally) thousands of digital fundraising experiments and helped hundreds of clients acquire more donors and raise more money.

Marlin are proud to offer their services, methodologies, skills and knowledge to organisations such as yours.

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For organisations looking to increase their digital investment

The Digital Attraction Strategy will seek to uncover and understand how people are currently engaging with your digital communications and platforms and what opportunities are available to attract more of the right people at the right time to the organisation.

This phase looks primarily at organic and paid digital channels, existing platforms and analytics to understand current user behaviours and audience insights and targeting, conversion mechanisms, content and more.

As a full-service agency, we will provide you with end-to-end support – from strategy through to creative campaign development, execution, management and reporting across platforms. We see this as particularly valuable when it comes to digital acquisition campaigns with a seamless transition between strategy, creative and digital optimisation across each stage of rollout.

Test and learn

To ensure continuous improvement and campaign optimisation, we take a sprint-based, phased approach to campaign management. This allows campaigns to be scaled appropriately when learnings have been gained to efficiently use allocated budget.

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A methodology for improving your digital results

Supporters are most satisfied when they are helping to avert a crisis or making a rescue. By identifying which examples of your work relate to those experiences, you can start identifying the different propositions worthy of testing online.

As digital experts, we love to track all our clients’ digital activities, test propositions and learn from the results. To stay competitive and survive in an oversaturated online market, we believe online messaging testing is essential to discover your optimal combination of proposition, story and ask.

Tracking and testing extend to our website build too. Our builds have standard tracking and analytics installed to provide our clients with greater insight into their audience and page activity and to assist them with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). We want our clients to provide the best user experience as possible, using data and insights to make the right choices for their campaigns.

Ask us how to leverage advanced tracking tools and reports to help you make informed decisions!

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Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

We help you build real relationships and communities with your supporters, online. 

Over the years, we’ve helped develop creative digital campaigns, executed complex online solutions and integrated online platforms from scratch. We’ve helped clients all across Australia and New Zealand including Starlight Children’s Foundation, RSPCA Australia, Children’s Hospital Foundation Brisbane, Auckland Health Foundation, Mary’s House, and many more build real relationships and communities online.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your digital fundraising program.

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