Google Analytics 4 Masterclass - Tim Brack

Google Analytics 4 Masterclass (for nonprofits)

Skill up in GA4 – gain actionable insights, optimise campaigns, and master reports for your digital fundraising, marketing, & communications

Date: Tuesday, 5th December 2023
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm AEDT
Format: 3 hour virtual masterclass (Zoom)
Presented by: Tim Brack, Marlin’s Head of Optimisation & Data Products


We’ve all made the switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Are you finding it frustrating that the metrics you relied on don’t seem to be available, or confusing that reports have disappeared?

Designed for charity professionals in digital fundraising, marketing, or communications, this 3-hour virtual Masterclass is your guide to mastering GA4. Curated specifically for the nonprofit sector, the session is led by Marlin’s resident Google Analytics expert and Head of Data & Optimisation, Tim Brack.

In this interactive, online masterclass you’ll dive into:

  • What GA4 measures, and how it works
  • Effective tips to find the data you need
  • Decoding GA4 terminology, dimensions, and metrics
  • Organising the various GA4 events (automatic, enhanced, recommended, and custom)
  • Measuring campaigns with UTMs and channel groupings
  • Navigating and working with standard and custom GA4 reports
  • Creating exploration reports

Turn your GA4 frustrations into triumphs, and arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to unlock better results in your digital initiatives.

Spaces are limited on this Masterclass

Join Tim for a GA4 Masterclass on Tuesday 5 December from 10:00am – 1:00pm to unleash your inner analytics nerd.

NB: Open to employees of charities only. Slides from the presentation will be provided.