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Have a problem that doesn't fit an out of the box solution?

Laravel is a complete framework for your web platform or application that allows you to implement your ideas faster. We like using Laravel because it helps us prototype and develop new applications with our clients faster and is very well supported and maintainable over the long term, with best-in-class technical support to developers.


Digitalise your service delivery programs or ideas with powerful applications.

Now more than ever, organisations need to invest in digital and innovate to bring services online. Whether you have a new idea or an existing service delivery program that is offered face to face, it’s essential to look at bringing it online. You’ll create efficiencies and improve your supporter experience, both key to the long-term success of programs. We understand that there are risks involved with any change, and by combining a solid technical framework with our UX/UI skills we can ensure we build the right solution.

Laravel design and development by Marlin Communications RSPCA Million Paws Walk
Laravel design and development by Marlin Communications


Laravel is a stable, reliable and scalable solution for your not so ‘out of the box’ problem.

Laravel is a PHP framework for developing powerful web applications, web platforms and APIs . It is one of the most popular technology stacks when it comes to creating a custom web application to achieve a unique functionality or solve a complex solution. This is why at Marlin, we choose to use Laravel to solve our client’s challenging problems.


Laravel is a complete PHP framework for building modern web applications.

Laravel is a widely used open source PHP framework with an active community of developers that provide one of the best technical support in the “development world.” It’s clean, simple and well-documented code makes any web application built on the framework easy to maintain and expand into the future. In addition, Laravel is perfect for setting up application programming interfaces (APIs) that let us link your different datasets together. We’ve used it to build a range of different applications, from medication management systems to clinical trials to online communities. We have used the framework to give us access to different payment gateways, CRMs and serverless/server deployment strategies.

Laravel design and development by Marlin Communications
Laravel design and development by Marlin Communications


Creating great custom web applications that help your programs grow

We pride ourselves on understanding how to solve complex problems.  Our integrated technical and creative skills deliver user-centred service programs that help our clients’ programs grow.

We can help you too with:

  • Custom web applications to solve your service delivery program
  • Project rescue : If your existing custom web application is not providing you with the best outcome, we can work with you to re-platform or take over the management or build of your platform so your project turns around.
  • System and technology upgrades so your program remains secure online.
  • UX and technical enhancements where required
  • Continuous support : We provide hours of work that can cover ongoing support, security and platform enhancement services to suit your organisation’s needs and budget.
Starlight Livewire Laravel design and development by Marlin Communications
Livewire Starlight Foundation Laravel design - Marlin Communications

Why Marlin?

You can count on our experience.

We’ve been working with the Laravel platform since 2012 and have built strong capabilities when it comes to creating, maintaining and improving custom web applications built on Laravel for service delivery programs from enterprise through to service delivery programs for nonprofits. Over the years, we’ve help build from scratch custom fundraising peer to peer platforms, registration platforms and patient/doctor medication scheduling platforms to name a few. We’ve helped clients including AstraZeneca, Sydney University, Starlight Children’s Foundation and RSPCA Australia enhance and continually monitor its service delivery programs to ensure that it is always online, and operating effectively and efficiently.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you launch your Laravel project.

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