Optimise your online fundraising with this step-by-step guide to A/B testing

Learn how to set up, run, and document a/b tests in this free workbook

Being a successful online fundraiser requires a lot more than just whipping a campaign and launching it with no further insights. Time and time again we’ve emphasised the importance of using data-driven insights and research-backed strategies to create content and optimise your online fundraising.

But you can’t always take our word for it. Because, while the data we’ve collected shows some powerful insights, what works for one organisation may not work for your own.

Become an A/B Testing Expert by Going Through this 8-Step Workbook

In this free a/b testing guide you’ll get to walk through a/b testing methodology, think critically about how to optimise your online fundraising, and develop your own a/b test that you can run right away.

The 8-step workbook will help you

  • Know what to test
  • Set up an a/b test
  • Discover a/b testing tools
  • And run and document your tests

By the end of the workbook, you’ll be equipped to begin testing for your organisation so that you can implement strategies that you know will reach more donors and raise more money.

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