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High Net Worth Sales Pack

Camp Quality Sales Pack


Camp Quality is responsible for a vast range of family support for people growing up with cancer. From camps to in-hospital care, the essential services they provide are vital to the emotional and physical health of children facing the toughest time of their lives. One of the most important fundraising avenues for Camp Quality comes from philanthropy and high-value donors.

Camp Quality Sales Pack


Camp Quality needed communications created to attract high net worth individuals to donate. 


We created a high net worth sales pack including case studies, ask sheets and prospectus in a pop up diorama that became the memorable centrepiece of presentations in homes and workplaces.


We developed a kit that gave every fundraiser (professional or volunteer) confidence to break down barriers to giving and asking.

The Challenge

Sitting across the table and speaking face-to-face with potential philanthropic partners or high net-worth individuals requires care, concentration, and courage. Marlin was asked to create the communications that could support the interaction.

The Solution

Marlin developed candidates for a new value proposition for the charity. This process helped identify that our message and materials needed to show the breadth of places that Camp Quality interacted with a girl or boy growing up with cancer.

To portray that message we developed a sales kit containing case studies, ask sheets, and a prospectus. But instead of a standard folder, we created a pop-up diorama that could become the memorable centrepiece of presentations in homes and workplaces.

By commissioning illustrations and helping to procure print sponsorship, Marlin developed a kit that gave every fundraiser (professional or volunteer) confidence.

As fundraisers, Marlin understood that our clients (and their Board of Directors) would require some support to substantiate why they needed big gifts. We ran a workshop with Camp Quality to discover what funds would be used for.

This uncovered the insight that Camp Quality was at risk of being seen as a “nice to have” and that many of the audience would not be aware of Camp Quality’s work in hospitals or schools. Each of these was identified as a potential barrier to securing a major gift or partnership.

We set out to develop a way to introduce people to these work beyond camps – without losing the strong spirit of the brand.

Camp Quality Sales Pack
Camp Quality Sales Pack
Camp Quality Sales Pack

Wrapping up

Face to face fundraising is about breaking down barriers to giving AND barriers to asking. Marlin’s work provided a solution to both – by developing the right materials to justify a major gift AND providing a way for the fundraiser to gain momentum in the conversation.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your major donor program, please get in touch.

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