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Property Industry Foundation (PIF) Appeals Campaign


Property Industry Foundation (PIF) builds houses for homeless youth and is committed to making a tangible difference to the problem of youth homelessness. PIF hosts networking, fundraising and social events to bring a dynamic range of people and companies together and inspire them to build homes for young people and help them rebuild their lives.

Over the last year, PIF have worked to update and refresh their brand presence to make their message more relevant, meaningful and impactful to their audience. So when their outdated and difficult-to-use website created a disconnect in their marketing, we were there to help.

Property Industry Foundation (PIF) Australia WordPress Website Campaign


PIF wanted to update their website to make their message more relevant, meaningful and impactful to their audience.


A WordPress powered marketing engine.


An all in one, easy-to-use custom platform, built according to PIF’s business requirements.

The Challenge

The PIF website had been added to over the years at a much faster rate than it was being optimised, resulting in a content heavy site clogged with multiple paths and unnecessary pages, written and created for a brand that didn’t reflect who they were anymore.

“Our existing website was clunky, ugly and not at all user-friendly (for either us or our website visitors). And it certainly wasn’t clear what the Property Industry does (we build homes for homeless youth). We are looking to appeal to a wider audience and are pivoting from physical events to digital events and fundraising activities. Content marketing is also becoming more important to the organisation.”  Michelle Dick, the National Marketing & Communications Manager of PIF.

In addition, their existing web platform was outdated and had a clunky backend management system. This made it difficult for staff to update content or even make small copy changes autonomously. There was no basic analytics tracking and it lacked integration with their CRM and fundraising platforms, which are critical for an organisation like PIF that relies on donations and event registrations.

We were challenged to make the new site more user friendly and UX optimised so that it encouraged users, with clear call to actions and simple user journeys, to take the next step in supporting the organisation.

The Solution

Building a UX focused web platform

Knowing how important it was for PIF to have a website that spoke to their mission and vision, we designed a site that appealed to the audience at both an emotional and rational level. We updated the look and feel so that it was in line with PIFs new branding, and emphasised engaging, digestible copy and fresh visuals that illustrate the positive impact the organisation has on homeless youth.

Their new sitemap and menu are easy to navigate and provide a clear journey for their multiple audiences to find information and take specific actions such as donating, volunteering, participating in an event and e-news signups.

Easy backend system

Moving PIFs web platform to WordPress solved a myriad of challenges for the internal teams responsible for updating content and connecting data to other systems.

“We are a small team and it’s crucial the website is an enabling tool rather than a hindrance. It was all these factors combined that cemented the commitment to invest in a new website.” Michelle Dick, the National Marketing & Communications Manager of PIF.

We’ve built template pages so staff can easily upload new fundraising events, campaign pages, and marketing materials that will not comprise the user journeys. The WordPress platform also integrates seamlessly with their analytics software, fundraising platforms and social channels for better analysis and process.

Property Industry Foundation Australia (PIF) WordPress Website
Property Industry Foundation (PIF) WordPress Website
Property Industry Foundation (PIF) WordPress Website

The Results

The organisation used the website and online donation platform to host its inaugural tax appeal, and delivered 35k+ donations.

“We knew we made the right choice when COVID hit and in mid-March, we asked if there was a way to bring the deadline forward. Not a problem. We all worked tirelessly (both us and them) to deliver. Our PM was super organised and knowledgeable, and nothing was ever a problem.” Michelle Dick.

Wrapping up

Don’t let an under-performing website get in the way of making an impact. You can connect the values that your organisation represents with an audience that shares those values. Chat to us now.

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