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Our Creative Strategy Manager, Catherine Braybon, shares her advice for those new to the home-office.

  • Maintain your routine ie. get up at the same time, walk the dog, exercise or whatever you do in the mornings.
  • Get dressed for work
  • Have a designated area for work and keep it there (ie. don’t work in bed, or on the lounge – except maybe to sit and read something and take a break from your desk…don’t take the laptop to bed:)
  • Have a time that you finish work and keep to it (when you can). Turn off your computer.
  • Create an activity to separate your work day from your home evening…I find exercise the best – jump on the trampoline, walk the dog or go for ride. This one was really important for me…stops me thinking about work and helps me focus on my family.
  • Take a coffee break, and a lunch break – sit away from your desk. Listen to music or have the radio on in the background especially if you are home by yourself – it is suppose to help you feel like you are not alone.
  • Reach out when you need to connect, and pick up the phone if something doesn’t make sense in your work slack channel and/or email…conversations create clarity and avoid mis-interpretation.