Multi-Year Campaign
“End the Pain of Poverty.”


Vinnies had never created a multi-year fundraising appeal before. It is an approach that many commercial brands take, but is rarely utilised in the Appeal space.

Marlin recognised that our campaign stories with Vinnies all shared a single origin – poverty, and saw the opportunity to build a broader, more comprehensive, long-lasting narrative for Vinnies warm audience.

By reinforcing to the donor that homelessness, isolation and hunger are all related to poverty.

Ending poverty is not a believable goal for a standard value donor – or any donor. But ending the pain that is associated with poverty is something that Vinnies’ programs achieve every day.

And achievable goals are goals that inspire donors.


Declining Appeals income, donor attrition


Engage in consistent storytelling, take a stance


18% growth in first year

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