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Ideas that keep giving

By July 27, 2022August 4th, 2022No Comments
Marlin Communications Announcement


— Written by Clayton Thomas, Creative Director of Marlin Communications

It has been an ongoing bone of contention for me that Marlin never really had, what our Strategy Director Dan Geaves calls a catch phrase, AKA a slogan, a tagline, a positioning statement – a public facing sentence that captures the essence of our brand.

I’ve worked in global brand advertising since the 90’s, the heyday of such corkers as ‘Think Different’ ‘There is no finish line’ and ‘For poo poo that sounds like wee wee’, so I love a good tagline.

I love Marlin more. So, I wanted to find something that summed up the core of Marlin’s promise to our sector, our clients and our community.

We’re in the giving business. Either, as charity staff, or donors, fundraisers, or suppliers. Giving is what our sector believes in.

And that is why we are proud to introduce a new way to talk about Marlin, which sums up the way we’ve always worked, and the way we will continue to meet the shifting needs of the communities we serve. Ideas that keep giving, is our promise to you.

At Marlin, we are ideas people. And by ideas, I don’t just mean creative executions, I mean we look at the problem in front of us and we get inventive, we use our insights to find solutions that are new, unexpected, and effective. From digital implementation to strategic innovation, we are creative thinkers in the service of equality, human rights, environmental security and the joy of life in general.

So, we use ideas that give stability to charities, give solace to our beneficiaries, give inspiration to our donors.

If reading this made you nod your head in agreement, raise your fist in the air, recognise that creative spark that you might be missing in your fundraising – get in touch.

Clayton Thomas Creative Director Marlin Communications

Clayton Thomas,
Creative Director

Marlin Communications