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4 critical things to consider before launching your new fundraising website.

— Written by Jakob J.

A well constructed digital platform is a key organisational function. Your platform will secure sustainable growth and capture more people who are passionate about your cause.

Your website does not need to be complex or expensive to be effective. Yet, its functionality must enable you to carry out critical tasks that promote organisational growth.

Home page builders like WIX, or other out of the box solutions, may seem like the easy way to address this – but are they helping you reach your ambitions?

Below are a list of platform functions that I see as crucial when launching your fundraising website:

  1. Effectiveness in day-to-day administration. Be familiar with the backend of your platform. Know how to make updates and ensure that you are comfortable with the technology. Remember, your website should be an extension of the tools you use to convey your message, not a hindrance.
  2. Responsive and agile. Ensuring you can create new unique fundraising pages in response to world events and emergencies enables you to stay agile and prepared. – one factor that made the RSPCA NSW 2019/20 bushfire appeal such a success! They were among the first organisations to have their campaign and dedicated appeal pages live within a few hours.
  3. A website that scales for mobile. It is no secret that mobile is now the leading device for browsing online. So, it is critical that your online supporter experience is consistent across both desktop and mobile.
  4. An easy page structure. Your website needs to communicate your unique positioning to compel people to support you. Does it quickly and clearly answer these fundamental questions:
    • Why should I part with my money?
    • Why should I donate it to you?
    • Where will my donation go and what do you do to ensure it is spent wisely?

By addressing these 4 critical factors, it will help ensure your fundraising website optimises your fundraising and elevates your cause.

We understand that a lack of time, budget, or resources can be a barrier, which is why we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to hear more about how we have helped new organisations like Duchenne Australia and Childhood Dementia Initiative build effective platforms to support their online fundraising.

P.S. Marlin offers its own Web Platform (The Marlin Web Platform) that clients such as Plan International Australia and RSPCA NSW use to ensure their websites are stable, tested and well supported. Our platform solution offers best practice UX and out of the box page templates, donation forms and lead capture forms. You can also look to extend key features. Chat to the team to find out more.