Cryptocurrency Fundraising

Cryptocurrency has been one of the biggest digital trends of 2021. Learn how your NFP can get started with cryptocurrency fundraising.
April 9, 2021

Case studies that make you feel something

— by Miriam, Senior Copywriter – 5 min read PART ONE: THE HUNT    A friend who volunteers for a not-for-profit recently asked me how to best approach and talk to a beneficiary about their story.  This got me thinking. We all know that a compelling case study (you know,…
September 22, 2020

The Disruptive Concept of Micro-Donations

In northern Scandinavia, there is a saying, “Many small streams form a river in the end”. This saying could apply to many different situations, it seems especially relevant in the world of micro-donations. While regular givers rightly are the focus for any good donation strategy, micro-donations can be an effective…
September 2, 2020

Truthfully Speaking…..

— by Clayton Thomas - 8 min read 12 Steps To Capturing The Voice Of A Signatory In A Fundraising Letter Writing for someone else is a tricky job. How do you ensure that you capture the information you need while being true to the tone of voice and attitude…
June 5, 2020