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A Gifts in Wills Conversation with Alannah Dixon

Include a Charity Week (IAC) runs from 5-11 September 2022 and is a campaign run by Fundraising Institute of Australia to promote and elevate the work of over 100 charities across Australia. By working together we can change charitable giving forever and make Gifts in WiIls (GIW) the norm, allowing more Australians to make an impact after they’ve gone.

Marlin spoke to four trailblazers in the GIW space to gather their experience and insights. Tune in throughout the week to hear from each. Up next is Alannah Dixon, Relationship Manager at CARE Australia.

What gets you up every day and energised about working in gifts in wills?

Witnessing the transformational difference Gifts in Wills can make.

With a massive intergenerational transfer of wealth on the horizon, I think gifts in wills will play a significant role in providing the resources to address increasingly difficult global challenges in the years to come. Working in this space really gives me hope for the future.

What has surprised you about working in this space?

I’m often blown away by the generosity and humility of our supporters.

They genuinely care about making a difference in the world and are passionate about doing what they can to help. To be honest I was a bit of a pessimist before I started working in this space. Our donors have helped to restore my faith in humanity.

What’s the most challenging aspect of gifts in wills?

I’ve experienced some difficult situations where the family or loved ones of a deceased donor are not supportive of their gift to charity. Sometimes, these can become bitter disputes that bear significant costs to the estate, which I’m sure is not what the donor would have wanted.

What are your top three tips for how to look after a bequest donor?

  • Get to know them. Find your common ground and develop a genuine human connection.
  • Thank them. Make sure they know how valuable they are.
  • Understand their motivation to give and their vision for the future. Show how your cause is aligned using tangible stories demonstrating impact.

Is there a charity (apart from yours of course) who you think is doing GIW particularly well? What has stood out to you?

I loved UNICEF’s Gifts in Wills lead gen campaign where you can create your own personalised timeline video. Research has shown that gifts in wills communications work best when they place the donor at the center, and draw on themes of nostalgia and their ‘life story’. This campaign is a perfect example of that.

What’s an element of CARE’s GIW program that you’re most proud of?

I’m really proud to work for an organisation that considers Gifts in Wills a strategic priority and recognises the future value of the program, not just the revenue in today’s terms. We’ve also recently redeveloped our gifts in wills proposition which is all about breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty – with some lovely new supporting collateral.

Check back in tomorrow for a Q&A with Alexis Escavy from Greenpeace Australia Pacific.