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Simplifying Google Analytics for Websites

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for understanding how your website or web app is performing. However, it can become a time-consuming, complex tool to work with and can be very difficult for non-technical roles to understand. To make the process of reviewing reports easier for non-technical…
September 4, 2020

When is a website not a website? When it’s a web app.

Websites and apps have been an integral part of all our daily lives for many years now. In fact we’re so used to them we often don’t bother to question whether there are differences between the two. However, many nonprofits are now finding themselves wondering which option would be better…
August 22, 2020

Low Hanging Fruit Series: Thank you pages

— by Jakob J, a 2 min read Low Hanging Fruit: digital wins that are there for the picking. Jakob is Marlin’s growth executive and he’s always on the lookout for small changes you can make to your website that can potentially make a big difference to your online presence.…
July 23, 2020