Case studies that make you feel something

— by Miriam, Senior Copywriter – 5 min read PART ONE: THE HUNT    A friend who volunteers for a not-for-profit recently asked me how to best approach and talk to a beneficiary about their story.  This got me thinking. We all know that a compelling case study (you know,…
September 22, 2020

Story Power

— by Deborah Niski - 8 min read So, it’s a sunny morning. A Tuesday. You bought milk this morning. And bread. Why? Because you’d run out? Because your kids only eat toast for breakfast? You could have made the purchase for any number of rational, easy-to-understand reasons. Now think…
June 2, 2020

The call to adventure: the journey to finding oneself.

The call to adventure: the journey to finding oneself. — by Karl Tischler, Marlin Communications About a year ago I completed the Australian Progress Advocacy Fellowship. It was perhaps one of the best things I’ve ever knowingly chosen to do. I’d decided to do this from a latent frustration that…
February 28, 2020