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The Disruptive Concept of Micro-Donations

In northern Scandinavia, there is a saying, “Many small streams form a river in the end”. This saying could apply to many different situations, it seems especially relevant in the world of micro-donations. While regular givers rightly are the focus for any good donation strategy, micro-donations can be an effective…
September 2, 2020

7 inspiring Christmas Appeal Campaigns

Thinking about your Christmas Appeal in September? — by Marlin Communications Where has the year gone? With Christmas only a few months away, we began thinking about the amazing and creative Christmas campaigns we have seen from nonprofits in recent years. As you begin planning your Christmas appeal, we thought…
September 1, 2020

When is a website not a website? When it’s a web app.

Websites and apps have been an integral part of all our daily lives for many years now. In fact we’re so used to them we often don’t bother to question whether there are differences between the two. However, many nonprofits are now finding themselves wondering which option would be better…
August 22, 2020
Inside Marlin

On balance…

July has been B Corp month. If you are a B Corp, it’s been a celebration of all that’s good and noble about what B Corp certification means. For those that don’t really know what being a B Corp is about, B Corp is essentially a measure that any business…

Low Hanging Fruit Series: Thank you pages

— by Jakob J, a 2 min read Low Hanging Fruit: digital wins that are there for the picking. Jakob is Marlin’s growth executive and he’s always on the lookout for small changes you can make to your website that can potentially make a big difference to your online presence.…
July 23, 2020
BlogInside Marlin

Racism and racial injustice reads

It’s a crucial time to listen and learn, so we asked the Marlin team what they’re reading, watching and hearing at this moment to help them comprehend the global reckoning with racism.   Updated as of 28 July 2020 13th on Netflix When they see us on Netflix Run The…

Truthfully Speaking…..

— by Clayton Thomas - 8 min read 12 Steps To Capturing The Voice Of A Signatory In A Fundraising Letter Writing for someone else is a tricky job. How do you ensure that you capture the information you need while being true to the tone of voice and attitude…
June 5, 2020